Cemeteries are dated!

Save money and the planet,

by becoming a tree…

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The funeral industry is going back
to the drawing board!

Traditional memorials are expensive, and are killing the environment.

Mornington Green however, lets you become a tree instead of a tombstone.

It’s cheaper than traditional memorials, saves the environment, and gives your family an opportunity to

plant something beautiful in your memory…a legacy tree!

What is a legacy tree?

A Legacy Tree is a tree planted in soil that has been infused with the treated ashes of a deceased person or pet.

The ashes are treated to neutralise their pH and salt levels – known to cause trees harm. Instead, the ashes become an incredible nutrient for growing trees, transforming death into life by means of nature.

You’ll take comfort in knowing that the tree you plant today will live on in our beautifully landscaped gardens for friends, family, and future generations to enjoy. And, when you become a tree, your lineage will live well beyond the lifespan of the original tree through its seeds and seedlings.

How it Works


Step One

We'll connect you with a trusted crematorium or advise you on the next steps if you already have ashes.


Step Two

Our dedicated team will help select a tree and plan a meaningful ceremony that captures the essence of your loved one.


Step Three

We carefully blend the ashes with the earth at the base of your chosen tree, creating a living monument that weaves the essence of your loved one into the tapestry of life.
Visit Mornington Green anytime, to feel close to your loved one, surrounded by the tranquility of nature.


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Why Wait? Plant Your Legacy Today, Because Tomorrow Matters More Than You Think.

We understand that thinking about end-of-life planning can be uncomfortable. However, we’ve seen first-hand the relief it brings to families during the heavy process of funeral planning.

Take the first step today by downloading our brochure and assessing your options. Your family and your future are important, and planning ahead can ease their burden and ensure your wishes are honored.
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A peace that only nature can offer...

Discover why thousands have chosen us for their forever home, making Mornington Green the trusted future of honoring life’s journey.

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