A Touching Experience at Mornington Green

Warren Roberts, Founder of Mornington Green, shares a truly beautiful moment he experienced recently with one of our customers at Mornington Green.


Well, you know, one of the stories that we had, we planted a tree for a father that had lost his son and he chose a Jacaranda tree.

His birthday was in January and the Jacaranda tree flowers on his son’s birthday.

It’s beautiful because when he goes to visit his son on his birthday, his son’s tree brings him flowers.

He doesn’t have to bring cut flowers for his tree, the tree brings him flowers.

But you know, the father said something to me about his experience and what he got from it and it wasn’t what he said, it was how he said it.

He said, “Warren, life is precious. Don’t waste it. Don’t waste one single second.”

That hit me like a punch in the chest because the gravity of coming to terms with life and death and mortality and being able to realize how precious life is and to make the most of it because we die, because we lose the people we love.

If that wakes us up to appreciating that gift at a deeper level, life can become a gift rather than a grief.

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