In The Media

Mornington Green has had the pleasure of featuring on major news outlets to discuss the groundbreaking science behind our beautiful concept and Living Legacy Trees. We’ve compiled some of these here on this page for you to watch so that if you have any questions you may find the answers you are looking for.

Today Tonight, 7 News

After a full and colourful life, Andrea Garvey wanted her mums final farewell to be a beautiful tribute. 

“She’d given us a length of instructions… no funeral, wanted to be cremated but didn’t say what to do with her ashes.”

Andrea soon found that it was illegal in a lot of parks, gardens and reserves to scatter ashes. This is because human ashes carry a high level of salt, with a similar ph level to bleach and oven cleaner. 

At Mornington Green, all trees infused with ashes are treated using the Living Legacy formula which allows the human ashes to sustain life and become a beautiful tree. 

It took 2 years for founder Warren Roberts (with the assistance of a micro-biologist and a fungi expert) to perfect the Living Legacy formula which is used at Mornington Green.

A growing trend around the world is to find a more sustainable option for our passing, which makes Mornington Green the perfect solution for anyone searching for a beautiful, sustainable to celebrate their life. Turn human ashes into beautiful trees today.

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Studio 10, Network 10

Warren Roberts, Founder of Mornington Green, appeared on Studio 10 to talk about the entire concept of Legacy Trees and our botanical memorial garden. 

He elaborates that when a persons ashes are treated with the Living Legacy formula, they are infused into the tree in order to create a beautiful way of honouring life at Mornington Green.

The average cost of a burial in Australia is approximately $19,000, where as you can become a tree in the gorgeous Mornington Peninsula for as little as $5,000. There are a range of trees to choose from, so you can pick something with deep meaning to you or maybe something that blooms on your birthday. Either way, you can be assured you will be remembered in a beautiful way within our gardens.

For more information on how you can become a tree within Mornington Green, please visit our contact page and have a chat with one of our team members. 

The Project, Studio 10

“When a loved one dies, scattering their ashes can be much harder than people realise. But one Australian company has come up with a unique idea that allows their legacy to grow old with you.”

Living Legacy reveals the way they have brought meaning to the term “life after death” and discuss their unique process of treating human ashes so that people can be turned into a tree. 

Allan For Breakfast, Tripple M

Allan Aldworth interviews Living Legacy Founder Warren Roberts about the process of infusing ashes into a tree after cremation. 

For more information on how you can become a tree within Mornington Green, please visit our contact page and have a chat with one of our team members.