Infusing Human Ashes Into A Tree: How It Works

Continue your legacy and become a tree when you die


Plant your ashes beneath a private tree

Your ashes are scientifically treated to create living molecules and are then placed beneath a private tree in a peaceful forest where your loved ones can come and visit you all year round.

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Your tree is reserved for you in perpetuity

You and your family can come and visit the tree throughout the year to watch it grow. Be a part of the growing community that is leaving the world a better place with trees.

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Continue your legacy for generations to come

Your tree is protected by a conservation agreement so the land that it's on cannot be developed or logged. Each tree also gets its own custom plaque to be reserved just for you in perpetuity.

What is a Legacy Tree?

A Legacy Tree is a tree planted in soil that has been infused with the treated ashes of a deceased person or pet. The ashes are treated to neutralise their pH and salt levels – known to cause trees harm.* Instead, the ashes become an incredible nutrient for growing trees, transforming death into life by means of nature. 

Our partner, Living Legacy, has perfected the treatment of ashes to create living molecules so a person’s energy can live on through a tree while supporting it to grow healthily. Industry leaders including the Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (GMCT), Northern Cemeteries in NSW, City of Brisbane, Tobin Brothers and Chapter House have all adopted Living Legacy as the best practice standard for a sustainable memorial. 

You’ll take comfort in knowing that the tree you plant today will live on in our beautifully landscaped gardens for friends, family, and future generations to enjoy. And, when you become a tree, your lineage will live well beyond the lifespan of the original tree through its seeds and seedlings. 

Create a legacy your family can be proud of, and become a tree when you die in Australia.  

Are you ready to learn more? Here’s a guide on pre-planning your funeral with Mornington Green. 

*90% of tree saplings perish within 14 days when infused with untreated ashes 

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Legacy Treated Ashes
Untreated Ash
Untreated Ashes (results after 14 days)