Flowers Forever at Mornington Green Legacy Gardens

By becoming flowers in the afterlife, loved ones connect to the beauty that life created, as opposed to leaving them connecting to what was lost.

Transforming your loved one’s ashes into eternal floral beauty

Flowers Forever is a new and unique way to create a lasting and beautiful tribute to your loved one. Infusing their cremated ashes beneath the flower garden helps the flowers bloom and provides a tranquil place for reflection.

A fitting final resting place

A beautiful place to reflect and remember a life well lived.

Less cost, stronger connection

Flowers Forever are a fraction of the cost of a traditional burial whilst creating a place of beauty to come and connect with loved ones.

Regenerate life

Infusing treated ashes into soil helps plants grow strong – closing the circle of life as your loved one passes and new life is born.

flower bed

How it works

Our Flowers Forever Garden is a peaceful space for families to honour loved ones for years after they have passed on. 

Watch sunflowers, foxgloves, daffodils, tulips or roses flourish while you remember the life of a friend or family member. Personal, natural and kind to the environment, Living Legacy flowers are the most beautiful and colour-filled memorial around.

“Me and my siblings have been waiting for the right option to memorialise mum’s ashes, and after 7 years of the ashes sitting on the shelf we finally found the perfect place in the beautiful flowers forever garden. We’re so happy that she’s finally at peace in nature again.”
- Julie M.

Choose your forever flowers

Seasonal or roses, cherish the memories forever while connecting your loved one back to the earth through flowers.


$ 1,980
  • Changed in line with the seasons​
  • Arranged in beautiful spacious beds​
  • Provides an abundance of colour all year


$ 2,640
  • Lasts up to 10 years
  • Meticulously cared for by our team
  • White, red and pink roses

Create a Living Legacy in 4 simple steps

Take a short tour of our Flowers Forever legacy gardens

Book a time to bring your loved one’s ashes to memorialise

On the day, ashes are treated and infused in the garden

Create a digital memory to share with family and friends

Enquire today

If you are interested in learning more, please leave your details below and one of our friendly legacy planners will be touch.

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