Andrea Garvey’s Mornington Green Story

After a full and colourful life, Andrea Garvey wanted her mums final farewell to be a beautiful tribute. 

“She’d given us a length of instructions… no funeral, wanted to be cremated but didn’t say what to do with her ashes.”

Andrea soon found that it was illegal in a lot of parks, gardens and reserves to scatter ashes. This is because human ashes carry a high level of salt, with a similar ph level to bleach and oven cleaner. 

At Mornington Green, all trees infused with ashes are treated using the Living Legacy formula which allows the human ashes to sustain life and become a beautiful tree. 

It took 2 years for founder Warren Roberts (with the assistance of a micro-biologist and a fungi expert) to perfect the Living Legacy formula which is used at Mornington Green.

A growing trend around the world is to find a more sustainable option for our passing, which makes Mornington Green the perfect solution for anyone searching for a beautiful, sustainable to celebrate their life. Turn human ashes into beautiful trees today.

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