Eco-friendly Crematoriums In Melbourne, Victoria

partners of mornington green legacy gardens

Let us help you connect freely with a funeral director at the best crematorium, turning grief into connection and sadness into loving tributes


What We Can

Every detail cared for, from heartfelt farewells to enduring tributes


Understanding your needs and coordinating with the best crematorium partner for you


Streamlined process - we coordinate all aspects of the service


Assistance with all necessary paperwork


Complimentary tour of Mornington Green Legacy Gardens


Exclusive discounts on cremation service through our partners


Memorial tree planting support with ceremonials, personalized plaques and ongoing protection of tree

Our Eco-Friendly Approach

Memorial Garden Mornington

Reduced Carbon Footprint

We use energy-efficient equipment and processes to minimize carbon emissions, significantly reducing environmental impact compared to traditional methods.

Natural Burial Mornington

Chemical-Free Process

We avoid the use of harsh chemicals, offering a more natural and eco-friendly approach.

Tree Garden Services in Mornington

Natural Ash Treatment Option

Our innovative ash treatment process transforms cremation ashes into key nutrients for plant growth, creating living memorials that contribute to sustaining the environment.

Memorial Garden Mornington

Watch your tree grow

Pre-plan your legacy today, and enjoy visiting the gardens together as a family to spend time with your special tree – for picnics, birthdays or simply to enjoy time with nature.

Natural Burial Mornington

Create more memories now

As well as visiting your tree, come to one of many events held in our beautiful botanical gardens – from lunch or afternoon tea to a lesson in classical painting.

Tree Garden Services in Mornington

Prepare loved ones for later

Planning for your passing now helps your family and friends become familiar with your legacy tree now – ensuring peace, calm and long-lasting memories when you’re gone.

The Unique Process

Schedule a call

Preparation and Identification

Initial consultation to understand your needs and preferences

Tour the gardens

Energy-Efficient Cremation

Coordination with our partner crematorium for the cremation service

Choose your tree and location

Chemical-Free Processing


Natural Ash Treatment and Living Legacy

Planning of the memorial tree planting ceremony

Location Of Our Crematorium Partners

Move from feeling avoidant and lost to being in control and proud of the memorial you’ve planned.
Quote Speech
"Just knowing in my heart that this is what he would have wanted, because he was such a giving person, as well. And now, he’s still giving by means of a tree, the oxygen."
- Leanne and Stephanie

Price Range

Starting fromAUD 7000
  • Cremation service coordination
  • Eco-friendly urn
  • Assistance of all paperwork
  • 24/7 support

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does booking through Mornington Green work?

When you book through us, we coordinate with our partner funeral directors and crematoriums to ensure you receive good quality  services. We then work with you to plan the memorial tree planting and any ceremonies in our Legacy Gardens.

Are your services more expensive than traditional cremation?

Thanks to our partnerships, our services are competitively priced. When you factor in the long-term benefits of a living memorial, many families find our services to be of excellent value.

Are the trees protected?

Mornington Green has a council permit, a conservation and heritage covenant, and a member review committee. Customers are also protected under Australian Consumer Law. In addition, 20% of the tree sales fund a trust, dedicated to ongoing tree care and maintenance. Luke talks about this in more depth in a video.

How does it work?

Your cremated ashes are given a scientific treatment that turns them into living molecules. They are then infused with a tree of your choice, where your loved ones can visit all year round.

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