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Transforming Ashes into Living Trees

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About Us

Born from a quest to find a meaningful and eco-friendly alternative to ash scattering, Mornington Green blends science with soul, turning ashes into life-sustaining trees. Each planting is more than a tribute—it’s a personal act of hope, a renewal that echoes in the whisper of leaves and the strength of branches. Here, memories thrive in the quiet of the forest, offering a living, breathing symbol of a life well-lived and a sanctuary for families to connect with their loved ones.

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How it Works


Step One

We'll connect you with a trusted crematorium or advise you on the next steps if you already have ashes.


Step Two

Our dedicated team will help select a tree and plan a meaningful ceremony that captures the essence of your loved one.


Step Three

Plant a living tribute in a serene ceremony, and return to Mornington Green to be with your loved one anytime you wish.

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A healing that only nature can offer...

Discover why thousands have chosen us for their most sacred farewells, making Mornington Green the trusted future of honoring life’s journey.

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What's Included

We’ve thoughtfully designed 3 distinct packages, to embrace where you are in your journey of remembrance, and to provide the comfort and closure you need.

Prices start from $7000

1. Pre-planning Peace

Perfect for pre-planning, this option allows you to select and reserve a tree in advance, ensuring peace of mind that when the moment comes, your tree will be waiting to honor your legacy or that of your loved one.

2. Immediate Tribute

For those who have recently experienced loss. From coordinating with the crematorium to helping you choose and position the perfect tree, we are here to guide you through planning a meaningful ceremony that pays tribute to the life that was lived.

3. Awaited Tribute

If you already hold the ashes of a loved one and seek a special way to memorialize them. We’ll help you select a tree and a fitting spot in our memorial forest where you can transform ashes into a living memorial, a testament to a life well-loved.

Our Team

Reaching out for support is a brave step, and we want you to feel confident that you will be met with the utmost care and respect. Our team is trained not just in the logistics of creating a Living Legacy, but in the art of empathy. We’re here to explore your needs, to answer your questions, and to ensure that your experience is handled with grace and sensitivity.


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