What’s the difference between traditional funerals and Mornington Green?

We explore the differences between a traditional funeral and Mornington Green. Whilst traditional funerals can oftentimes feel disconnected and serve as a reminder of loss, a Mornington Green ceremony is designed to be a beautiful and comforting space that is deeply connected to nature.

In this way, we can connect to the beauty of life and our part within nature, and this can help support us through the hardest processes within that natural cycle of life. Join us as we discuss the benefits of creating a place that opens us up and is full of beauty, helping us through the grieving process in a way that comes naturally to us.


Almost all of us will have been to a funeral at some point. Often, people say they didn’t like it or it felt disconnected or didn’t resonate with them, sometimes they’re great, but almost always, people don’t want to go back to the cemetery or to that place, and there’s a reason for it.

I mean, you walk through the gates and it all just reminds you of loss.

Generally, people are sort of pulled in and they become quiet, they become reserved, and if it is a funeral of someone that really meant a lot to you, that process and the way that you feel in there can turn that grief into something much darker.

I mean, often, pull people into a depressed state or prolong the period of grief, ’cause that’s what they’re connecting to, is the loss, rather than to that beautiful life that meant so much to them.

And so, the difference here is that, especially if you pre-plan and you’ve got a tree here today and you bring your family out regularly, it might be for birthdays, it might be just on a sunny day and you have picnics, it’s a place that they come to know and it’s a beautiful place, it’s deep in nature and it’s full of beauty that changes from season to season, so that when they come here, even if it is for your memorial, they’re coming to a place that as soon as you walk in the gates, it doesn’t pull you in, it actually opens you up, and it’s full of beauty.

And instead of it, you know, making people sort of silent and quiet, we often hear people chatting.

Sounds weird, but people laughing and people just really opening up in this environment, it’s important, ’cause they’re left to grieve the way that they should in a way that comes naturally to them.

Also, the other important thing, is often, they’re coming back to a place they know, and in doing so, it’s a reminder of the times I’ve had with you and your life, rather than a reminder of the loss, and there’s so much science that goes behind this, and Melbourne Uni has a great article called “Beyond Blue to Green”, and it talks about this, that there’s a healing power of nature that helps people through that grieving process, helps expedite it, and helps sort of reduce the chances of someone falling into that depressive state, and I think in large, it’s one, because it connects them to the beauty of life and the fact that they’re still got a life to live, but also, the grandness of nature and their part within nature and your part within nature, and that this is one of those parts of that cycle, and it can be a real comfort.

So I think, you know, in essence, that’s the big difference, is a process that is in tune with nature and supports you and your family through the hardest processes within that natural cycle of life.

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