Where Can I Cremate Dog Melbourne Australia?

Dog Cremation Service Australia: Giving Tribute To Your Loved Companion

There’s something special about the bond between people and dogs. It’s more than just a pet; it’s a member of the family. Our loyal and loving dog friends become an integral part of the family, offering unconditional love, loyalty, and friendship. When they pass away, it’s natural that we want to celebrate their memory in a beautiful way. It’s so hard to say goodbye to a beloved dog, and dog cremation is a wonderful way for dog owners to say goodbye to their furry friend in a respectful and flexible way. In Melbourne, Australia, there’s a really lovely option that more and more people are choosing: transforming your dog’s ashes into a Living Legacy Tree at Mornington Green Legacy Gardens.

What Is Dog Cremation?

Dog cremation is a process where your dog’s remains will be taken care of carefully, placed in a cremation chamber, then exposed with high temperatures. The result is ashes, which will be returned to you for further memorial. Its variety, which results in a range of memorial options from being turned into a beautiful tree or a beloved jewelry, is one of the reasons why many people in Australia choose dog cremation.

Dog Cremation Services In Melbourne Australia

Where are Dog Cremation Places in Melbourne Australia? 

In Melbourne, Australia, you have a variety of dog cremation services to choose from, each offering unique options and packages to honor your beloved dogs. Here are dog cremation near me service providers in Melbourne Australia:

  1. Southern Cross Pet Services provides individual dog cremations and after-hours collection for an additional fee. 
  2. Pearly Mates Pet Cremation guarantees individual dog cremations and offers a statutory declaration with every dog cremation. 
  3. Edenhills Pet Cremation offers individual dog cremation services and provides a guide dog cremation service at no cost. 
  4. Elysium Fields Pet Cremations conducts individual dog cremations in EPA-approved units and offers flexible payment options. 
  5. Pet Angel offers affordable pet cremation services for cats, dogs, and other small pets and guarantees all pet ashes are returned in a scatter box or pet urn.
  6. Bamganie Pet Cremation Services offers individual and shared cremation and burial facilities and provides a large selection of urns, timber boxes, and keepsakes. 
  7. Peaceful Pets Cremations offers individual dog cremations in EPA-approved units and includes collection, cremation, and return of your dog’s ashes. 

These services cater to various needs and preferences, ensuring that dog owners can choose the best option to honor their beloved dogs.

How Much To Cremate A Dog In Melbourne Australia?

How Much To Cremate A Dog In Melbourne Australia?

When it comes to choosing a cremation service for your beloved dog in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, there are a few things to think about. Of course, cost is always a factor, but it’s also important to look at the range of services on offer and the provider’s reputation. However if you focus on the cost, the general cost of dog cremation in Melbourne, Australia, varies depending on the size of the dog and the service provider. Here are some approximate costs:

  1. Small dogs (1-10 kg): $230-$400
  2. Medium dogs (10-25 kg): $280-$450
  3. Large dogs (25-44 kg): $330-$590
  4. Extra large dogs (45-70 kg): $450-$1800
  5. Above 70 kg: POA (price on application)

These costs are sourced from:
1. Pets At Rest
2. Pet Memorial Australia
3. Eternal Urns,
these costs typically include collection from the vet or home, individual cremation, and return of the dog’s ashes in a velvet drawstring pouch or a chosen urn. Additional services like after-hours pickup, cremation viewing, or same-day turnaround may incur extra fees.

How To Do Dog Cremation in Melbourne Australia?

To do dog cremation in Melbourne Australia, follow these steps

  1. Dog Pick-Up: Your dog will be picked up at either your home or at a vet.
  2. Preparation: The body of your dog is prepared for cremation by removing medical devices from its body and cleaning it.
  3. Cremation: A cremation chamber, with high temperatures, is used to incinerate the body of your dog.
  4. Cooling and Processing: At this stage, the ashes are then cooled and go through a processing stage to get rid of any leftover bone pieces.
  5. The ashes are then transferred to a container like an urn, which is returned to you for burial or memorialization.

Pet Cremation Australia Mornington Green Legacy Gardens

A Living Legacy: Grow A Beautiful Tree from the ashes of your dog:

At Mornington Green Legacy Gardens, there’s a unique option for memorializing your dog: growing a Living Legacy Tree. This process uses a special formula, known as the Living Legacy Formula, which treats your dog’s ashes and transforms it into nutrients that help trees grow. This technology doesn’t just detoxify the harmful nature of ash, it restores the essential soil biology that enables the soil and the tree to exchange energy and create new life. This mixture provides the necessary nutrients for the tree to grow, creating a living tribute to your beloved dog. Also, at Mornington Green,  you can combine your dog cremated ashes with human ashes or the ashes of your loved ones, creating a shared memorial. This option offers a beautiful connection between families and companions, a unique way to live on with nature.

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Choose The Types Of Tree To Plant For Your Dog:

Mornington Green Legacy Gardens offers a beautiful landscape for your dog’s memorial. Our team provides compassionate and expert care, guiding you through the process of selecting a type of tree from various species and personalizing your memorial. Options for personalization include memorial plaques, allowing you to create a truly unique tribute to your dog. 

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If you’re looking for a meaningful way to memorialize your beloved companion, we invite you to explore and feel the beauty and warmth of our gardens. For more information or to arrange a visit, please contact us. We’re here to help you honor your dog’s memory in a way that’s truly special and unique.

This article explains all you need to know about dog cremation in Melbourne, Australia

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