How Mornington Green Aims to Solve the Burial Space Depletion Crisis

In this video, Founder of Mornington Green, Warren Roberts highlights the alarming crisis the globe is facing in burial space depletion. He explains how this has happened, and the steps Mornington Green are taking to combat this issue.


What’s the difference between a cemetery and what we’re doing here at Mornington Green?

The contrast is enormous.

For the last few hundred years we’ve been chopping down trees to create coffins and graveyards and that practice isn’t really sustainable because as we lose ecosystems to create these cemeteries, we’re also running out of space to bury people.

The average city has a cemetery footprint twice the size of our CBD in most cities.

So, you imagine all the cities in the world, imagine double that cemeteries, that’s the current footprint of how we’ve left the world and now they’re all full and we’ve still got 7 billion people, right? So, now the difference is instead of chopping down a tree and losing an ecosystem, people become a tree.

They create a beautiful ecosystem and whole communities are creating these beautiful new forests. This forest here is over 5,000 trees and because we plant 200 offset trees, it’ll be a 1 million tree impact. 

So, how we leave the world changes the world and people all around Australia really are changing the way we leave the world.

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