Leeanne and Stephanie’s Experience with Mornington Green

We are honoured to have sat down with Leanne and Stephanie as they shared their deeply touching personal experience of losing a father and husband in Arnold. 

Why did Stephanie and Leeanne choose Mornington Green?

Stephanie and Leeane take comfort in knowing that Arnold’s final resting place as a Legacy Tree giving out oxygen is quite poetic in nature, as he suffered from not having enough oxygen while living with emphysema.

Stephanie shared, “Just knowing in my heart that this is what he would have wanted, because he was such a giving person, as well. And now, he’s still giving my means of a tree, the oxygen.” It felt right as Arnold use to spend a lot time outside and loved being outdoors. 

Leeanne and Stephanie are excited to have many family outings here, enjoying the recreational activities and remembering Arnold together.

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