What is a good memorial tree to plant in Australia?

Memorial Tree Ideas: Honoring Loved Ones with Nature

When we lose a loved one, we often feel that they leave a hole in our hearts where their laughter and warmth used to be. Instead of this empty hole, imagine your loved one can grow a living tribute in it, filling it again with beautiful memories that can forever bloom and nourish.

Picture this tribute has roots deeply connected with this beloved earth, has leaves that sway with the wind, and it stands and nourishes nature. This tribute is a tree, but it’s not just any tree. It’s a memorial tree, a living legacy that honors their life in the most beautiful and meaningful way possible.

How To Choose A Memorial Tree?

The process of choosing the right tree is an amazing journey, the chosen tree will be a reflection of your loved one’s unique personality. Were they vibrant and passionate, like a flame tree with its fiery blooms? Or perhaps they were gentle and wise, like a jacaranda adorned with lavender blossoms? Every tree has its own personality, and we will find the one that captures your loved one’s essence in the most authentic way. Contact us today and let’s find the perfect tree together! We’ll find the one that speaks by your loved one’s personality. In the meantime, here are some tree types to help you choose and answer the question: what is a good memorial tree? 

Memorial Tree Ideas in Australia Mornington Green Legacy Gardens
Clockwise from top left: cherry blossom, crepe myrtle, jacaranda, and white magnolia
  • Cherry Blossom: Captivating pink flowers in spring, a symbol of optimism and beauty.
  • Crepe Myrtle: Clusters of colorful flowers all summer, representing creativity and passion.
  • Flame Tree: Fiery red bell-shaped flowers in early summer, symbolizing charisma and passion.
  • Jacaranda: Delicate purple bell-shaped flowers in late summer, symbolizing wisdom and idealism.
  • Pink Flowering Yellow Gum: Beautiful scarlet flowers in winter, representing loyalty and passion.
  • Tulip Magnolia: Elegant deep-purple goblet-shaped flowers in early spring, representing wisdom and compassion.
  • White Magnolia: Large, fragrant white flowers with glossy green leaves, representing exquisiteness and beauty.

You can also choose the tree based on the birthdate of your loved one. Matching the birthdate with when a tree fully blossoms can make visits more special. Learn more about the types of trees here!

Where to Plant Memorial Trees in Australia?

Where to Plant Your Memorial Tree in Australia?

Mornington Green: A Sanctuary for Remembrance

Picture this: a serene haven nestled in nature’s embrace. This is Mornington Green, located in Somerville, Victoria, Australia. It’s the perfect place for your memorial tree to thrive, surrounded by peace and tranquility. Positioned in the prestigious Mornington Peninsula, just 50 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD, Mornington Green reimagines how we celebrate life. Click here to learn more

You can choose from the beautifully landscaped protected Legacy Garden, the secluded Private Tree Forest, or the communal warmth of the Community Memorial Areas and your tree will find a home where it can flourish and a place where you can always feel close to your loved one.

Download brochure here

In these protected  Legacy Gardens, there are collections of groves connected by spacious pathways and lawns, with feature accent trees dotted in-between. Each grove is made up of a single signature species, with trees selected for their beauty, climatic suitability, and longevity within a perfectly serene landscape. The design of the garden offers families deeply immersive experiences as they enjoy together under canopies of blossoming flowers or autumn leaves.

At Mornington Green, we will ensure you will get the best memorial tree planting service. You can choose from a selection of blossoming Australian natives to botanical trees, creating a personal and fitting tribute for family, friends, and future generations to come. Your tree will live on for generations, creating new seeds and seedlings, and be cared for in perpetuity.

Personalized Memorial Tree in Melbourne Australia

Personalized Memorial Tree

To make the memorial even more personal, you can:

  • Add a memorial plaque for a tree with their name and a special message.
  • Hold a memorial tree ceremony when planting the tree, inviting family and friends to share memories and reflect together.

Mornington Green Legacy Gardens provide all these service, book a tour of the garden now!

Small Tree To Plant In Memory Of Someone

If you prefer a smaller memorial, consider planting a flower bed instead of a tree. We at Mornington Green, offer legacy flowers planting where your loved one’s or family ashes are infused into the soil underneath the flower bed; explore about it more here

The Worlds Largest Sunflower Australia in Mornington Green Legacy Gardens

Flowers are maintained all year round for you to enjoy

Watch sunflowers, foxgloves, daffodils, tulips or roses flourish while you remember the life of a friend or family member.

Personal, natural and kind to the environment, Living Legacy flowers are the most beautiful and color-filled memorial around.

It grows and changes with time, just as our memories do. It’s a symbol of life’s continuity, a reminder that even in loss, there is beauty and hope.

Memorial tree planting is a wonderful way to honor a loved one. As the tree grows, it becomes a living, breathing memory, providing oxygen to the environment and a habitat for life in Australia. 

Whenever you come to visit, you can feel that connection to your loved one and the circle of life. 

Memorial trees are a truly special “living” gift.

Explore memorial tree ideas to plant in Australia. Honor your loved ones by making them into a living legacy tree, not just a tombstone.

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