Michael’s Experience with Mornington Green

Michael, who is a recent customer at Mornington Green, tells us the story of himself and his late wife Helen and how Mornington Green is the perfect resting place for them.

Why did Michael choose Mornington Green as his and Helen’s final resting place?

Michael sadly lost the love of his life Helen, in March 2020. Helen was an avid gardener and nature lover so when Michael found Mornington Green he discovered the perfect way to honour her, through life as a Legacy Tree.

Michael selected a beautiful Wollemi Pine Tree for Helen at Mornington Green, with much sentimental value, having grown one they purchased from the Blue Mountains many years ago.

So why does Michael love Mornington Green? “It’s peaceful”, says Michael. Michael will join Helen one day and infuse his ashes into the same tree.

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