Open Days at Mornington Green

Welcome to Mornington Green's Open Days!

Discover the Heart of Our Community 💖

Ever wondered what the essence of Mornington Green truly is? Are there questions about our gardens, services, or community that you’re eager to have answered? 
Or perhaps you’re simply longing for a peaceful escape amidst the beauty of meticulously tended gardens. If so, we invite you to join us at our monthly Open Days – your gateway to the soul of Mornington Green!

Experience Serenity and Connection 🙏

Each Open Day provides a unique opportunity to explore our expansive grounds, revel in the tranquility of our gardens, and indulge in the delightful offerings of our café, serving a selection of tea, coffee, and delectable treats. 
But it’s more than just a visit; it’s a chance to weave yourself into the fabric of our community, to feel the warmth of an extended family that welcomes both new and familiar faces with open arms.

Engage, Explore, Enjoy 🌱

Meet and Greet: Engage with the hearts behind Mornington Green – our dedicated sales managers and co-founder. They’re here to welcome you, answer your queries, and share the vision that shapes our haven.

Guided Garden Tours: Allow us to guide you through the verdant splendor of Mornington Green’s gardens. Discover not just the beauty, but the passion and purpose that define us, and why so many have come to call us ‘another home’.

Join Us

Mark your calendars for our upcoming Open Days and be part of something truly special. Register now to secure your spot, and let us welcome you to a day filled with beauty, discovery, and heartfelt connections.

Mornington Green…Where Hearts Connect and Gardens Flourish ✨🌲



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11am - 1pm AEDT


Mornington Green
125 Tyabb-Tooradin Rd, Somerville VIC 3912


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