Take a Tour of Mornington Green

Discover the historic grounds at Mornington Green 

Have you watched our latest video “Take a tour of Mornington Green”? Join our Co-Founder, Luke Roberts, virtually as he explores the stunning gardens, grounds and surrounds of Mornington Green. Luke walks you through the history of the land and shares details about the local ecosystem, the intricate process of infusing trees with ashes and discusses how we can help bring to life your ideal memorial.  

Front Office 

Your first stop in your journey through Mornington Green is the front office, where we sit down to learn more about you, your family and your vision for your tree. We want to make sure you feel confident and empowered when choosing your tree and its ultimate location. We have endeavoured to create our front office as a reflection of who we are, people passionate about nature, as you will see with the abundance of healthy plants bringing the outdoors inside.  

Science Corner 

Within the front office is a dedicated science corner, where we get a chance to show you our patented formula. This patented formula is a fundamental step in treating your ashes to ensuring the ashes are safe and conducive to the health of your tree. This is the perfect place to ask questions about the formula – we love to talk about it as we are proud of it! 

Founders Garden 

Our Founder’s Garden is a beautiful, picturesque landscape drenched in history. The greens used to be market gardens, later being converted to a golf course. It’s a great spot too – it’s surrounded by water which means there is low fire risk and low drought risk. Each garden feels private and has its own sense of privacy, so you and your family can enjoy time with your loved one’s tree together in peace. 

A challenge we have faced is how to maintain the gardens. The typical fertilizer used on golf courses tended to use a lot of chemicals that are not good for our trees and the soil biology. Therefore, we make sure to use organic fertilizer which creates healthy soil for strong trees, ensuring the health of all our memorial trees.  

Bee Island 

We’ve made efforts to ensure local ecology is thriving, so we have a dedicated “Bee Island” – an area we plan to fill with native plants and flowers to serve the local beehive population. Our aim is to provide a haven for bees to live and thrive so they can continue to pollinate from all the flowering plants around the gardens.  

We’re looking forward to seeing more wildlife call Mornington Green their home. We’re expecting to see lots of Rainbow Lorikeet and Wagtail birds, as well as more Eastern Longneck Turtles, that have already been laying eggs along the banks of the lakes. The local habitat is just another magical aspect of Mornington Green. 

Board of Trees 

At Mornington Green, we talk a lot about the gardens and how you are ultimately contributing to the garden as a whole, but we want to ensure you feel confident in picking the right tree for you or your loved on. The Board of Trees is an educational board on the grounds that allows you to imagine yourself as a tree, whilst looking around gardens and the grounds so you can picture exactly where your tree will be located and grow. 


As nice as it is to have picnics on the beautiful greens, the weather may not always allow for that. Our gorgeous Clubhouse is the perfect spot to grab a cup of coffee or tea after a walk around Mornington Green. It’s also a wonderful spot as a memorial venue for celebrating planting ceremonies with loved ones. And the view over the gardens is captured perfectly from the Clubhouse. 

For more information, or to visit Mornington Green in person, visit our contact page and talk to us today.