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The Difference Between Memorial Trees and Legacy Trees

If you’re thinking about cremation for a loved one when it’s time to say goodbye or even how you yourself would like to remain on this Earth when you pass on, you may be surprised to know that around 65-70% of Australians are now choosing cremation over traditional burials.

Cremation and the environment

The increased need for cremations has also seen an increased interest in bio urns, a biodegradable capsule urn that holds cremated ashes allowing it to be buried into the earth in a way that is respectful to the environment. With many Australians becoming more eco-conscious of their impact on this earth, including a change in the way we view funerals and death, the idea and combination of cremation and bio urns has become an obvious choice.

Memorial trees

Given this eco interest in how cremated ashes can safely be buried into the earth, planting a tree to memorialise a loved one is a beautiful way to be remembered by, making the planting of memorial trees the next desirable step after cremation.

A memorial tree planting involves the burying of cremated ashes in an environmentally friendly urn like bio urns, with a tree planted on top to create a special, enduring memorial for you or your loved one.

However, it’s a little known fact that cremated ashes have a high alkaline and therefore are harmful to the environment. Unlike plant matter, ashes do not decompose, with human ashes having a high amount of salt and high pH levels which are toxic for plant life. Additionally, cremation ashes do not contain essential micronutrients like manganese, carbon and zinc and not having the proper nutritional balance will affect and hinder the growth of any plant or tree.

So whilst a bio urn is respectful to the environment, by the time it breaks down and the plant or tree roots reach the ashes, the cremation ashes maintain its toxic components and never decompose in a way that is beneficial to a memorial tree.

Legacy Trees

A Legacy Tree planted at Mornington Green is uniquely different to memorial trees. A Legacy Tree is a tree planted in soil that has been infused with the ashes of your loved ones. But how does a Legacy Tree flourish if cremated ashes are harmful to the growth of any tree, you may be asking?

Using patented Living Legacy Ash Treatment, the scientists behind Living Legacy Forests are able to detoxify the ashes and restore the essential soil biology. The ashes are transformed and assist the soil and the tree dedicated to you or your loved one in exchanging energy and creating new life.


A Legacy Tree is infused and nourished by the ashes of your loved one, allowing their memory and ashes to truly live on and continue to give life. And this is the key difference between a memorial tree and a Legacy Tree offered at Mornington Green – one is just a tree planted in memory while the latter is literally infused with the ashes of a loved one, making it an exceptionally eco-friendly and beautiful way to honour a life well lived.

Imagine your family and loved ones visiting a Legacy Tree and watching it grow in a serene and natural environment, with no need for a bio urn.

Plants with untreated ashes


Plants with Living Legacy Ash Treatment

Find out more about Legacy Trees

At Mornington Green you’ll find a peaceful and serene private tree forest of Legacy Trees all dedicated in honour of loved ones and these Legacy Trees are all living and growing as a result of specially treated cremated ashes, each with its own custom plaque.

Legacy Trees at Mornington Green are protected by a conservation agreement so the land that it is on cannot be developed or logged. You and your family can come and visit the Legacy Tree throughout the year to watch it grow. Be a part of the growing community that is leaving the world a better place with trees.

“My father died from emphysema, and in his final years he struggled for oxygen, so the idea that his ashes will aid the growth of his tree and be a source of oxygen for all of us is a gift that keeps giving. Now, the roots dad literally planted here in Australia will forever be given life. Thanks Mornington Green.” – Leigh-Anne Rutgers. 

Contact us today and find out more about our Legacy Trees and how the patented ash treatment works. 

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