What Is Mornington Green?

Mornington Green was founded in Melbourne to create a positive impact for the people and planet. This beautiful site in the Mornington Peninsula was meticulously chosen for its prime conditions, landscapes, and distance from fire zones.

It is the first botanical garden with the sole purpose of planting Living Legacy Trees.

Who Is Mornington Green For?

Mornington Green is a place where families and friends can come and enjoy the celebration of a past ones ashes into the root of a tree. This is where you may have an existing set of ashes of a loved one which you would like infused into a tree.

Alternatively you may be organising your own infusing of ashes into a tree. If so, you can choose the tree of your choice, we will host a planting ceremony, and over the years you will be able to watch your tree grow and make memories with loved ones by your side.

Mornington Green welcomes the community to come and enjoy the beautiful serenity and atmosphere here. You don’t need to have a tree to visit Mornington Green, you can enjoy high tea, a picnic or simply visit the grounds with refreshments from our function area.

Watch our video above to learn more about Mornington Green with our lovely Lead Legacy Planner, Rebecca.