What Type of Tree to Plant in Memory of Someone?

Losing a loved one is undoubtedly one of the most difficult events a person must go through in their life. It’s painful to lose someone precious and close to you, whether it’s a friend, partner, pet or family member. 

We cry because we know we have lost someone no one can ever replace. But at the same time, we smile at the wonderful memories they have left us. They have brought joy and meaning to our lives. And for that, we are grateful. We are grateful because, at some point in time, we met them and shared a part of our life with them. And even if they’re not with us anymore, there are still ways to remember them.  

Most people are familiar with traditional burial and cremation practices, such as using a cemetery or storing the ashes in an urn. However, in recent years, eco-friendly or green alternatives have grown in popularity. An increasing number of people want to go back to nature after they die.  

What if the ashes of your loved ones could live on through trees? What if we could reconnect with the natural beauty created by life rather than with what has been lost? That’s what we wish to give to you at Mornington Green.  


Botanical Memorial Gardens 

Becoming a tree in Mornington Green is one way of minimising environmental impact while also paying tribute to the deceased’s legacy in a lasting, touching way. Botanical memorial gardens serve as peaceful final resting places for those who prefer trees over headstones. 

Mornington Green utilises Living Legacy’s patented scientific process where people’s cremated ashes are infused into a tree. Thus, the ashes of the deceased continue to live on through the trees, and their loved ones can visit the tree as it grows and blossoms.  

But how do you choose which tree to plant in memory of someone? Just any tree won’t be good enough. It would be wise to choose a tree that will remind you of the person who has passed on. Was she optimistic and resilient like an Ornamental Pear? Or perhaps was he ambitious and strong as a Flowering Gum?  

If you’re looking for trees that you can choose for yourself or your loved one, we can guide you about the best trees for remembrance.  

What Type of Tree to Plant in Memory of Someone? 

When choosing a tree, most people select trees that bloom on their birthday (so when their loved ones visit the tree on their birthday, the tree is blossoming). Here’s a guide on what will be the best tree to plant in memory of someone: 

Spring (September to November) 

Australia’s spring is characterised by sunny days and cool nights. Spring is associated with rebirth and fertility.  

Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius are the spring signs. 

Libra the Scales (September 23 to October 22) 

Libra people are known for their intelligence, sense of justice, and aesthetic sensibility. 

Tree: Tulip Magnolia 

Tulip Magnolias are well-known for their stunning goblet-shaped flowers that bloom in the early spring. These “goblet-shaped” or tulip-shaped flowers give the tree its name. The flowers are beautiful and showy. They turn from light pink to purple. 

Scorpio The Scorpion (October 23 to November 21) 

Scorpios are known for their ferocity, charisma, intuition, and strategic brilliance. 

Tree: Cherry Blossoms 

Cherry Blossom captivates their admirers with their blossoming double-pink flowers. These trees bloom in the spring and provide excitement for many.  

Sagittarius the Archer (November 22 to December 21) 

Sagittarius people are self-sufficient, daring, and philosophical in nature. 

Tree: Flowering Crab Apple 

The Flowering Crab Apple blooms with delicate, fragrant double-pink flowers in late spring. The tree is beautiful and eye-catching. 

Summer (December to February) 

This time of the year is when days are longer and warmer. Summer is, without a doubt, the most exciting season of the year while it lasts. 

Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces are the summer signs. 

Capricorn the Goat (December 22 to January 19) 

Capricorn people are resourceful, conscientious, loyal, and ambitious creatures. 

Tree: Flame Tree 

The Illawarra Flame Tree is known for its fiery-red bell-shaped flowers during the early summer. It is one of the most magnificent native Australian trees. The bright red bell-shaped flowers bloom in clusters at the ends of branches, often after the leaves have fallen, giving it its unique appearance.  

Aquarius the Water Bearer (January 20 to February 18) 

An Aquarius person is a change agent who is forward-thinking, imaginative, and humanitarian. 

Tree: Crape Myrtle 

Crape Myrtles produce stunning clusters of pink flowers throughout the summer, ensuring a long-lasting display for their admirers. The showy pink flowers have crepe-paper-like petals. The foliage is a dark green that changes colour to yellows, oranges, and reds during autumn.  

Pisces, the Fish (February 19 to March 19) 

Pisces is spiritual, sensitive, sympathetic, perceptive, and inventive. 

Tree: Flowering Gum  

The Red Flowering Gum is known for its spectacular red flowers throughout the summer. It’s one of those trees that really grabs your attention when it’s in full bloom, unlike very few other flowering trees. 

Autumn (March to May) 

As the weather cools in autumn, our surroundings transform from lush green to brilliant hues of orange, red, ochre, and gold.  

Autumn’s zodiac signs are Aries, Taurus and Gemini. 

Aries the Ram (March 20 to April 18)  

Aries people are said to be fiery and spontaneous. They’re known to be natural-born leaders who know when to take charge.  

Tree: Japanese Maple 

the Japanese Maple boasts elegantly cut leaves that turn a brilliant bright crimson during the autumn. 

Taurus, the Bull (April 19 to May 20) 

Taurus is the sign of the fixed earth. Taurus people are tenacious, pragmatic, resourceful, and talented. 

Tree: Ginkgo 

The Ginkgo’s fan-shaped leaves turn a beautiful shade of gold throughout autumn. The Ginkgo tree is definitely one of the most distinctive and beautiful of all deciduous trees. 

Gemini the Twins (May 21 to June 20)  

Gemini is the sign of mutable air. Gemini people are inquisitive, quick-witted, and social people. 

Tree: Sweet Gum 

The Sweet Gum tree is known for its lobed leaves that turn bright colours of purple, red, and orange in the fall. Its leaves have five to seven pointed lobes, which will remind you of a star. Its fall colour lasts a lot longer than most trees as well. 

Winter (June to August) 

Nights are longer and colder during winters. It’s a time to enjoy the icy white landscape. 

Winter’s zodiac signs are Cancer, Leo, and Virgo.  

Cancer The Crab (June 21 to July 22) 

Cancer is a cardinal water sign. Cancer people are known for their emotional sensitivity and compassionate disposition. 

Tree: Yulan Magnolia 

The Yulan Magnolia is known for its delicate goblet-shaped ivory flowers early in the winter. It is a highly prized and beautiful white flowering tree that typically grows 20-30 feet tall with a rounded spreading crown as it matures. 

Leo, the Lion (July 23 to August 22) 

Leo is the fixed fire sign. Leo people are vivacious, confident and determined people. 

Tree: Redwood 

The Coast Redwood is the world’s tallest tree. It soars over the surrounding scenery, inspiring awe in their admirers. 

Virgo the Virgin (August 23 to September 22) 

Virgo people are known for their brilliance. They have an analytical mind and meticulous attention to detail. 

Tree: Yellow Gum 

The Yellow Gum boasts beautiful scarlet flowers during the winter. The tree is highly valued for its hardness and longevity. 

When you plant a tree in honour of a loved one who has passed away, it grows to become a “living memory” of that person. It’s a way of remembering someone by focusing on their life. It’s a way to give back to the earth, and it is a memorial that continues to exist. 

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When choosing what type of tree to plant in memory of someone, picking a tree that blooms on their birthday may be a great idea. We put together a list of trees that bloom during each season, month and astrological sign.

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