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Take a light stroll through the gardens and admire the natural beauty of the Mornington Peninsula. Let your feet sink into the lush green grass - it’s the perfect place to bring the entire family.

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You and your family can come and visit your tree throughout the year to watch it grow. Enjoy high tea or lunch at the Clubhouse, grab a hamper and have a picnic by your tree, or wander around the garden – we’re open all year round.

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Find the Right Tree

When choosing your tree, there are many options available to ensure you discover the perfect one to carry your legacy - from the strong noble English Oak to the beautiful Magnolia.

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What if trees were the new cemeteries?

What if your ashes could live on through trees? We could connect to the natural beauty that life creates as opposed to what has been lost. 

Creating a Living Legacy is the most environmentally conscious way to return to the earth. Not only are you leaving behind a beautiful Legacy Tree for your family, but you will contribute an additional 200 trees to the earth. 

During the Premier Release of our Founders Garden, an additional 120,000 trees will be planted globally. 

Your forest footprint will more than double the amount of air you breathed in your lifetime, ensuring that you create a positive environmental impact.

The Science and Truth about Ashes

There is a myth that cremated ashes are similar to wood ashes and are beneficial to nature. However, the truth is that untreated cremated ashes have the same pH as bleach and oven cleaner, and are proven to cause lasting harm to soil and tree health.
We are proud to use a perfected organic treatment that detoxifies and unlocks hidden nutrients from cremated ashes. 
The Living Legacy Ash Treatment converts ashes into living molecules that help tree growth. 

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