The Secret Life of Trees

woman visiting memorial garden tree

Why are we drawn to the beauty and magnificence of trees? The reliance we have on trees is vital to our health and wellbeing – but over time we are finding ourselves more deeply connected to trees on an emotional level.

Andrea Garvey’s Mornington Green Story

After a full and colourful life, Andrea Garvey wanted her mums final farewell to be a beautiful tribute.

“She’d given us a length of instructions… no funeral, wanted to be cremated but didn’t say what to do with her ashes.”

Mornington Green on Studio 10

Warren Roberts, founder of Mornington Green, appeared on Studio 10 to talk about the entire concept of Legacy Trees and the memorial gardens.

What Is Mornington Green?


Mornington Green welcomes the community to come and enjoy the beautiful serenity and atmosphere. You don’t need to have a tree to visit, you can enjoy high tea, a picnic or simply visit the grounds with refreshments from our function area.

How does cremation work in Australia?


Why is cremation a popular choice? It might not surprise you to know that up to 70% of Australians are choosing cremation over traditional burials. The growing popularity in choosing cremation ashes is due to a number of reasons, including the environmental impact, the lower costs associated with cremation but perhaps more relevant is the […]

Honouring our Pets as they Cross the Rainbow Bridge


Anyone who has loved and cared for a pet will say that they are a member of the family. The special connection that we have with our pets is a shared bond that cannot be broken. It is a mutual understanding that transcends words and the way we communicate with other humans. They offer us […]

The Difference Between Memorial Trees and Legacy Trees

If you’re thinking about cremation for a loved one when it’s time to say goodbye or even how you yourself would like to remain on this Earth when you pass on, you may be surprised to know that around 65-70% of Australians are now choosing cremation over traditional burials. Cremation and the environment The increased […]

What You Need to Consider Before Scattering Cremation Ashes


When someone you love passes away, it’s natural to do everything you can to remember them and to honour their personal wishes. But in doing so, we have to consider any legal implications as well as the environmental impact our actions will have.  In some circumstances, the wishes for a final resting place may be […]