Cremation Tree Planting To Honor Your Loved One

When a cherished family member or friend passes away, finding a way to honor their memory that feels right can be challenging for us. Recently, more and more people are turning to a unique and environmentally friendly alternative: cremation tree planting, a way of turning their loved one’s cremated ashes into a living tree memorial.

How to turn ashes into a tree? Cremated ashes are detoxified and transformed into healthy plant food and nutrients such as nitrogen and potassium with an organic ‘Living Legacy Formula’ that uses microbiology mixed with soil and placed directly into the tree roots where the ashes are combined with soil where a tree is planted. This means that a person’s ashes become the life-giving flowers and seeds of trees, creating new seedlings and perpetuating life through nature.

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But what if we didn’t turn ashes into trees, but scattered them instead?

Many people scatter ashes in nature because nature is beautiful, but nature is beautiful because the ecosystem is healthy. Unfortunately, the traditional method of scattering untreated ashes can upset this balance. Untreated cremated ash contains high levels of salt (around 1 cup) and has a pH of around 12, which is a million times too high for healthy plant growth. This high alkalinity and salt content can damage the soil and degrade the ecosystem, affecting plant health and the surrounding environment, this is an example of harm by scattering ashes.

Cremation ash has been shown to be more harmful to soil and plant health than cigarette butts when you scatter ashes. Cremation ash weighs around 3kg, if you wouldn’t put 3kg of cigarette butts into nature then you’d want to treat the ash first so that it helps nature grow instead of harming it and causing damage by spreading ashes.

Memorial Tree Mornington Green

Imagine a tree growing from the essence of someone you love!. This is the beautiful idea behind cremation tree planting. As the tree takes root and flourishes, it is powered by nourishment from the ashes, creating a deep bond between your loved one and the growing life.

Ashes in a tree is a symbol of transformation and new beginnings. It represents the idea that although your loved one has passed on, their essence can live on in another form, nourishing new life and bringing comfort to you and your loved ones. Your decision to turn ashes into a tree is a very personal one, but it offers many advantages over traditional burial methods. You can choose a tree that flowers on your birthday so your tree brings visitors flowers instead of getting cut flowers. Spring (Cherry Blossoms), Summer (Flowering Gums), Winter (Golden Wattle) Or you can choose a significant flowering date like Mother’s day or Father’s day. There are many kinds of trees that you can choose to plant, each unique and symbolic, allowing individuals to choose a tree that best represents their personality, values, and the legacy they wish to leave behind.

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The place you choose to plant a tree with human ashes is also a personal decision. Some people prefer a quiet corner in their own garden, where they can take care of the tree and watch it grow as their own life unfolds. Others may choose a public park or a special memorial forest, where the tree can become part of a larger landscape, providing a feeling of connection with nature that everyone from you and your family can enjoy.

cremation tree planting benefits for the environment

As well as the emotional significance, planting a cremation tree offers real environmental benefits. Trees are vital to the health of our planet. They absorb harmful carbon dioxide, release life-giving oxygen and provide a home for all kinds of creatures. By planting a memorial tree, you’re not only honoring your loved one, but also contributing to a healthier and more vibrant planet.

If the idea of planting a cremation tree appeals to you, whether for yourself or someone you’ve lost, it’s important to do your research and find a company you trust to guide you through the process. Many reputable companies offer a range of services, from help with paperwork and permits to expert advice on choosing the right tree and how to care for it.

At Mornington Green we offer you the service of planting a tree in a garden with the cremated ashes of the deceased. This provides a lasting legacy for your family and friends to visit and cherish, while helping to regenerate life and offset the carbon footprint of the deceased. Our protected garden offers a more personal and natural alternative to traditional funeral practices, with no hidden fees or ongoing costs for your family.

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