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Pet Cremation Melbourne: A Thorough and Supportive Guide

The bond between people and how much they care for their pets is an essential part of many people’s lives here in Melbourne. Animals bring companionship, emotion and unconditional love into our lives; without a doubt, they become like family. But the sad truth is – our pets live shorter lives than we do and it can be heartbreaking to lose a beloved animal. Another point to understand when you experience the death of your pet is the variety of options that can be used to remember your pet. One of these options is pet cremation, a method of turning your pet to ashes that is becoming increasingly popular in Melbourne. We hope this guide will be an informative source on pet cremation Melbourne. We will explain the process and its benefits to help pet owners make better choices when coping with their loss.

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Pet Cremation

Pet cremation is a method to treat a pet’s body to ash by incinerating it at high temperatures. To do this, crematoriums usually use an incinerator set at between 1400°C – 1800°C (2550°F-3272°F), which creates very hot temperatures to break down the pet’s body into smaller bits and eventually ash. As of today, pet cremation especially dog cremation in Melbourne is becoming a popular choice over some of the more traditional forms of burial. Pet owners are looking for other ways to memorialize their beloved pets in a more suitable and convenient manner.

The result of pet cremation is that the pet ashes have the same PH as bleach and oven cleaner which is 12/14. This level of pH is almost 1 million times too high for plants to grow. Contrary to popular opinion cremation as is not the same as fireplace ash and it is proven to be toxic to plants.

The good news is a simple organic treatment by “Living Legacy” at Mornington Green actually detoxifies the pH of ash so that it can help plants grow and the ashes used to honor life.

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How Does Pet Cremation Work? or How Does Dog Cremation Work?

Usually, pet cremation or dog cremation steps are the followings:

  1. Pet Pick-Up: The pet will be picked up at either the pet owner’s home or at a vet.
  2. Preparation: The body of the pet is prepared for cremation by removing medical devices (like microchips) from its body and cleaning it.
  3. Cremation: A cremation chamber, with high temperatures, is used to incinerate the body of a pet.
  4. Cooling and Processing: At this stage, the ashes are then cooled and go through a processing stage to get rid of any leftover bone pieces.
  5. The ashes are then transferred to a container like an urn, which is returned to the owner for burial or memorialization.
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Benefits of Animal Cremation

There are several advantages of animal cremation:

  1. It is A Simple and Respectable Process: Pet cremation is a simple way to handle the remains of your beloved pet without doing burial ground.
  2. Affordable: Pet cremation, specifically communal cremations, is usually cost-friendly. It is cheaper than other ways of burying your pets.
  3. Versatility: Cremated remains can remain in an urn, be scattered or kept in jewelry or even be infused with soil to grow a living tree..
  4. Cremation also removes the risk of you catching a disease for your body and also mitigates any environmental problems related to back yard burials.

Pet Cremation Places in Melbourne, Australia

There are several pet cremation locations in Melbourne:

  1. Southern Cross Pet Services: Located at Unit 1/16 Law Court, Sunshine West VIC 3020. Website
  2. Edenhills Pet Cremation: With locations in 42 School Lane, Maddingley Victoria, they offer a range of services. Website
  3. Peaceful Pets Cremations: Located in Berwick, Victoria. Website
  4. Elysium Fields Pet Cremations: Based in 13 Trinity Way, Pakenham, Victoria, they offer individual pet cremations in EPA-approved units and provide flexible payment options. Website
  5. Bamganie Pet Cremation Services: Located in Bannockburn Victoria they offer private and shared cremations, as well as other services. Website
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What To Do With Pet Cremains?

Deciding what to do with a pet’s cremated ashes is a meaningful way to continue loving your pet. Pet memorial options include planting a tree or flowers, cremation jewelry, or keeping in an urn, explained as follows:

  1. Create a Living Memorial Tree: 

Turning your pet’s ashes into a nutrient for a tree or flower is a beautiful way to create a living memorial. We at Mornington Green offer this service by infusing ashes with soil to plant a tree of your choice and even a flower garden. 

  1. Scattering the Ashes of Pet: 

Doing this in a place that has a special meaning, such as a favorite park, beach, or hiking trail, can be a sweet way to say goodbye. But scattering ashes is harmful to the environment. Please ensure to check local regulations before scattering ashes in public areas.

  1. Keeping Pet Ashes in an Urn:

Keeping the ashes in a decorative urn is a lovable way to keep your pet close to your heart. There are lots of different urn designs, materials, and sizes to choose from, so you can easily find one that reflects your pet’s personality and your taste.

  1. Pet Jewelry Ashes:

You can also incorporate a small portion of the ashes into jewelry to carry a piece of your pet with you. Companies like Spirit Pieces and Ashes into Glass offer pendants, rings, and bracelets that are designed to hold ashes.

  1. Grow a Flower Garden:

You can also grow a flower garden by treating the ashes and then mixing it with soil. This can create a serene space where you can reflect and remember your pet.

The process of memorializing your pet is a personal one. It is a reflection on the relationship you had and the happiness it brought to your life. Make it comfortable, however you do it. That way those wonderful memories between you and your friend will keep you warm and comforted throughout your life.

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At Mornington Green your pet’s ashes will be organically treated to remove any toxicity, then be infused into the community pet flower bed or even into a tree in your very own Legacy Garden. You can also arrange a small ceremony to pay tribute to the life of your pet if you wish.

You’ll be able to honor the memory of your pet and the special bond that you shared, by visiting the beautiful grounds and gardens with your family and friends, or even with your other pets.

If you choose to infuse your pet’s ashes into the pet flower bed at Mornington Green, you can take comfort that they will rest in the beautiful gardens with other beloved pets. You will also have the choice of infusing their ashes into a tree. This is so that when the time comes, you have the option of having your ashes infused into the same tree, or another tree nearby, where you can rest with your pets in perpetuity.For more information, visit our contact page and get in touch.

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