Guide To Plant A Memorial Tree In Australia

Planting A Memorial Tree in Australia: A Full Guide

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Losing someone special and struggling to find the right way to keep them feel connected to us and also keep their memory alive. Well, there is one option that guarantees a lasting connection to our loved ones, it seems that more and more of us are falling in love with this option. This option is the beautiful idea of planting a memorial tree in Australia.

Think about it – we’re not just remembering our loved ones, we’re actually giving something back to this gorgeous country of ours. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. From picking out a native tree (there are beautiful tree types that we can choose from!) to finding that perfect spot to plant it, it’s becoming this incredibly meaningful way for us to walk through our grief and do our bit for the environment at the same time.

Let’s explore the process, the places we can plant, and many more insightful things about planting a memorial tree in Australia.

Why plant a memorial tree in Australia?

There’s something powerful about watching a tree flourish in honor of someone we’ve lost. It gives us a place to visit, to reflect, and to share memories. Plus, it’s a beautiful way for us to leave a positive mark on the world. Learn how it works here!

Tree Memorial Options in Australia with Mornington Green Legacy Gardens
From top left clockwise: flowering gums, golden wattle, jacaranda, white magnolia, and Australian flame tree

Tree memorial options

This is an exciting process, we’re spoiled with many choices of tree species that we can plant in Australia. Some popular options that’s available include:

  • Flowering Gums 
  • Golden Wattle 
  • Jacaranda (those purple blooms are a sight to behold)
  • Flame Tree (for a real burst of color)
  • And more tree options here!

You can contact Mornington Green Legacy Gardens if you live around Victoria or Wellington Dam Legacy Forest if you live in Western Australia. These places offer various tree types to plant, including also ceremonial options to do with your families and friends and personalized plaques.

Memorial Tree Planting Location In Australia Mornington Green Legacy Gardens
Mornington Green Legacy Gardens in Melbourne Victoria

Memorial tree planting locations in Australia

It’s amazing how many places across our country offer memorial tree planting. We’ve got beautiful spots like:

  • Mornington Green Legacy Gardens in Melbourne. Website
  • Wellington Dam Legacy Forest at Worsley Western Australia. Website
  • Monarto Zoo near Adelaide. Website
  • Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens in Hobart. Website
  • National Arboretum in Canberra. Website

And that’s just a few examples. Many of our local councils have their own programs too, so it’s worth checking what’s available in our local areas.

Location to plant memorial tree in Australia learn with Mornington Green Legacy Gardens
Wellington Dam Legacy Forest in Western Australia, source Walkgps

But we should note that other than Mornington Green and Wellington Dam, the locations do not allow people to add their ashes to the tree, they are just commemorative plantings. At Wellington Dam and Mornington Green, the ashes are added to the tree, carefully treated using a patented formula, and actually become a memorial tree. Watch The Living Legacy Formula

Steps Of Planting A Memorial Tree In Australia

Steps of planting a memorial tree in Australia 

These are the steps we should do if we want to plant a memorial tree in Australia, we’ll need to:

  1. Choose a tree from our wide selection of species, from cherry blossom, jacaranda, english oak, Australia flame tree, crepe myrtle, and others.
  2. ‘Choose a location available within the gardens like Wellington Dam in Western Australia, Daintree Life in Queensland, Sutherland Shire Council Memorial in New South Wales, Trees for Life in South Australia, and Mornington Green in Victoria Australia.
  3. If you choose to plant in Wellington Dam or Mornington Green, the ashes of your loved one are treated using a special process that detoxifies them and restores essential soil biology. They use The Living Legacy Formula for this. Other locations only become commemorative tree without the ashes infused inside it.
  4. The treated ashes are then infused into the chosen tree, allowing your loved one to literally become part of new life. 
  5. The tree is planted, you and your family get to visit and watch it grow over the years.
  6. Families can visit the gardens, watch their loved one’s tree grow, and even hold ceremonies or picnics in the beautiful surroundings. It’s a warm way to turn grief into growth and celebrate a positive environmental impact.

It’s simple, but profoundly moving. This creates a lasting tribute that highly benefits our Australian environment.

Ash treatment for tree planting

If you wish to incorporate cremated ashes into the planting, consider using the patented Living Legacy Formula developed by Living Legacy Forest. Be aware that the chemical concentrations inside ashes can negatively impact soil pH and potentially harm the environment.

Read more how this special formula works

Memorial gardens and forest that uses The Living Legacy Formula are:
Mornington Green at Melbourne, Victoria and Wellington Dam Legacy Forest at Worsley Western Australia.

Memorial tree care

If you choose to plant a memorial tree in Mornington Green Legacy Gardens located in Melbourne, Australia, their certified horticulturists will provide ongoing care for the tree in perpetuity, meaning that your tree will always be looked after for future generations to enjoy

What happens when a memorial tree in Australia dies?

What happens if a memorial tree dies?

In Mornington Green Legacy Gardens, If a tree dies, it is replaced by them at their cost. They use the mulch or seedlings where possible to pass on the energy from the tree. A tree will always be replanted in your chosen location and the site is protected in perpetuity.

Their biological infusion turns cremated ash into nutrients that provide sustenance to the tree for seven years; which is a sufficient amount of time for the tree to establish itself with new seeds and seedlings that will also live on.

In the event that a tree dies prematurely, one application of bio-liquid to the same area where the tree was planted re-activates the microbes which convert the ash into nutrients allowing you to re-plant a new tree in the same location.

They also provide a crystal keepsake which you can retain some of the ashes or some seeds for future planting.

Cost of planting a memorial tree in Australia

Cost of planting a memorial tree in Australia

Compared to traditional funerals, memorial trees can be a more cost-effective option. The average cost of a burial in Australia is around $19,000, while cremations average about $7,430.

You can read more here

Meanwhile, at Mornington Green, the founders packages start at $7,000 including GST and have no hidden fees or ongoing costs. This green burial choice includes discounts, a tree of your choice, perpetual care of your tree, a personalized beautiful plaque, a planting ceremony with photography and more.

According to ASIC, the average spend of a funeral of $19,000. It’s very important for memorial tree service providers to offer Australian people a more affordable alternative that is beneficial for the environment.

The Benefits Of Planting A Memorial Tree In Australia

The benefits of planting a memorial tree in Australia

By planting memorial trees we are actually doing so much more than just honoring our loved ones. The trees we plant absorb carbon dioxide, create homes for our unique wildlife, prevent soil erosion, and even clean the air. It’s like we’re giving a gift to future generations of Australia.

The more we learn about memorial trees, the more we love the idea. It’s such a meaningful way for us to remember the people we love while also doing something positive for Australia’s environment.

Who knows? In a few years’ time, we might see forests of memories growing all across Australia. Now that’s a beautiful thing for all of us to share and connect together, isn’t it?

Explore the process, locations, and benefits of planting a memorial tree in Australia that nurtures both memories and nature.

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