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Tree Burial Australia: Pre-Plan Your Legacy

Have you ever thought about how you’d like to be remembered? Tree burial in Australia is becoming a popular, sustainable choice for people who want to leave a lasting, eco-friendly legacy to their beloved families. This method allows you to be part of nature even after you are gone, transforming your ashes into a beautiful, living tree. At Mornington Green Legacy Gardens, we offer this as an impactful and meaningful way to honor your life while giving back to the environment.

What is Tree Burial in Melbourne, Victoria?

Tree burial Australia involves mixing treated cremated ashes with the soil in which a tree is planted. This environmentally friendly option is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional burials. In Melbourne, Mornington Green Legacy Gardens uses a special Living Legacy Formula, where your ashes can nourish a tree, creating a lasting tribute.

Learn more about the special formula that can grow legacy trees here!

What Does It Mean By Being Planted As A Tree After Death?

What Does It Mean By Being Planted As A Tree After Death?

Imagine this: you become a tree, providing life and beauty to the world around you. Being planted as a tree means your ashes are treated and used to support the growth of a tree. This symbolizes the cycle of life, ensuring that your memory lives on through a thriving tree, giving life and legacy to this world. Click here for more insights about this

The Living Legacy Formula at Mornington Green ensures that your ashes are safely integrated into the soil, helping the tree to grow healthily.

What is Burial with a Tree?

What is Burial with a Tree?

Burial with a tree starts from the treatment of your cremains or the cremated ash of your loved ones to become a soil nutrient, then allowing the tree to grow directly from the nutrients provided. This process is a more sustainable option than traditional burials. In Mornington Green, when you choose to be buried with a tree and start growing your legacy, we plant 200 additional trees to further help you create a lasting impact for mother earth. 

So, let’s start pre planning our Legacy Learn more here!

Memorial tree ideas to plant from now with Mornington Green Legacy Gardens

Many of us avoid thinking about our limited time in this world, which can put a lot of pressure on our loved ones when we die and we leave them grieving. At Mornington Green, we let you give your loved ones the gift of life and peace of mind. With a patented technology behind us, we allow your memories to “grow” and become a tree. We safely treat human ashes so that they can be used in our botanical memorial gardens. We call this the “Living Legacy formula”, and it’s been proven to work on different soil types and a wide range of Australian native and exotic European trees. This process is not only a beautiful way to memorialize yourself and your family, but it also provides a home for you in nature. By pre-planning and pre-planting your tree, you ensure that you will not burden your family.

Planning for your death is a significant decision, and at Mornington Green, we help you to make it as stress-free as possible. Our Living Legacy Trees are affordable with packages starting at $7,000 including GST. These packages also include the treatment of your ashes, a planting ceremony for 15 guests, ongoing tree care and maintenance, a bronze memorial plaque, and access to our botanical gardens all year round. Plus, we partner with trusted cremation services in Melbourne, so there will be no added fees or commissions for you. If you pre-plan your Living Legacy Tree today, you can lock in today’s prices and avoid any hidden or inflation costs. This gives you peace of mind and also relieves your loved ones of the financial burden in the future.

What are Living Legacy Forests?

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How to Be Buried As A Tree in Melbourne?

Start by pre planning, with these steps:

  1. Contact Mornington Green Legacy Gardens: Our team will guide you through the options and help you set the best arrangements.
  2. Choose Your Tree and Location: Select from various beautiful tree species and find the perfect spot within our gardens. Whether it’s a Cherry Blossom, Flowering Crab Apple, or Jacaranda, each tree offers unique beauty.
  3. Plan the Ceremony: Decide on the details of your memorial ceremony, from who will attend to any special rituals you wish to include.
  4. Participate in the Planting: Your family is encouraged to be involved in the planting process, this creates a meaningful connection to the memorial tree.

Mornington Green Legacy Gardens has beautiful natural landscapes for tree burials. Learn more about us

Our gardens on the Mornington Peninsula offer families a beautiful surrounding to connect for forever between each other. Our compassionate team ensures that every step of each legacy tree planting is handled with care and respect. 

Personalize your legacy tree with plaques, and the tree species that resonate most with you. Our gardens are open year-round, inviting you and your family to witness the growth and beauty of your memorial trees.

Learn memorial tree ideas in Australia with Mornington Green Legacy Gardens

If you’re considering an eco-friendly and meaningful way to pre-plan your legacy, explore the tree burial options at Mornington Green Legacy Gardens. By choosing to be planted as a tree, you create a living legacy memorial that your loved ones can cherish while contributing positively to the environment. This is especially because we plant an additional 200 trees on behalf of you. For more information or to schedule a visit, contact  us at Mornington Green Legacy Gardens today and start planning your lasting legacy.

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