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Trees For Memorial: A Heartfelt Tribute To Our Loved Ones

Losing a relative or loved one is a painful moment. Finding a way to pay tribute should be as lasting as planting a tree. In Melbourne, Australia, Mornington Green Legacy Gardens provides an aesthetic and tranquil setting for individuals and families to plant trees for the memorial of their loved one.

A. What Are Trees For Memorial?

Trees for memorial, also known as a memorial tree, is a living memorial to the memory of the deceased. As a tree is planted, it represents the passage of life, growth and regeneration. Your memorial tree is a physical reminder of your loved one, allowing family and friends to visit, reflect and remember. Such plantations have a positive impact on the environment. They add oxygen to the air, provide a home for wildlife and even beautify the landscape.

Types of Trees to Plant In Memory Of Someone Cherry Blossom Mornington Green
Become a Cherry Blossom Tree, source FreePik


B. The Best Memorial Tree

The best memorial tree is a matter of personal choice and may vary depending on the favorite tree of the person who you have lost, the symbolism of the tree or its suitability for a particular location or even a particular season. Some of the best memorial tree options at Mornington Green Legacy Garden in Melbourne, Australia are explained below:

    1. Native Eucalyptus Tree. Flowering Gum. Bright red or yellow flowers all through summer. Your tree creates habitat for Australian wildlife. A home among the gum trees.

    1. Golden Wattle Tree. Bright yellow golden chains one of the few trees in the world that blossoms in Winter.

    1. Cherry Blossom: Beautiful and optimistic, the quintessential Cherry Blossom captivates their admirers in the springtime with their blossoming double-pink flowers. People travel across the globe to catch sight of them in bloom. 

    1. Pink Flowering Yellow Gum: Loyal and passionate, the Yellow Gum boasts beautiful scarlet flowers during the winter. This is a popular Australian choice of tree to plant in memory of someone.

    1. Jacaranda: Wise, idealistic and lucky, Jacarandas display clusters of delicate purple bell-shaped flowers during the late summer. A great tree to plant in memory of someone known for a love of the color purple. 

    1. Japanese Maple: Peaceful and bold, the Japanese Maple boasts elegantly cut leaves that turn a brilliant bright crimson during the autumn.

    1. Sweet Gum: Optimistic and strong, the Sweet Gum features distinguishable lobed-leaves that turn brilliant shades of purples, reds, and oranges during autumn. When scratched, they produce a golden, sweet-smelling sap.

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Types of Trees to Plant In Memory Of Someone Flame Tree Mornington Green

C. Memorial Tree Ideas

When it comes to planting a memorial tree, there are as many different ideas as there are ways to honor the spirit of someone who is no longer with us! Here are some ideas to consider:

    1. Choose the type of tree: From Cherry Blossom, Sweet Gum, to Pink Flowering Yellow Gum, there are various types of tree to honor your loved one.

    1. A personalized plaque: A plaque with your loved one’s name, date of death and a special message can be engraved and placed in the base of your tree.

    1. Memorial Stones: Memorial stones are great for family, friends and guests who can paint or decorate the stones with messages to be placed on the memorial tree.

    1. An annual gathering: Have an annual gathering at your memorial tree to share stories of fond memories and any other memories that arise. It could be their birthday, the anniversary of their death or a significant holiday.

    1. Memory Box: Put together a memory box that you put inside photos, letters, used items of your loved one. Bury it under the memorial tree.

What Type Of Tree To Plant In Memory Of Someone?

How To Plant A Tree In Memory Mornington Green

D.  How to Plant a Tree in Memory in Australia

Planting a memorial tree in Australia, especially in the Mornington Green Legacy Garden, is done by:

1. Contact Mornington Green Legacy Garden: Contact the garden managers for information about their memorial tree program, tree options and planting schedule. You can even book a tour of the garden! 

2. Choose a memorial tree: Choose the tree that best commemorates your loved one and is suitable for your chosen location. The garden offers a variety of tree species, each with its own symbolism and seasonal beauty. 

3. Treat your cremains: You will begin planting by first treating the cremains or ashes of your loved ones with the Living Legacy Formula, which involves detoxifying and transforming the cremains into healthy plant food and nutrients. These treated ashes are then placed directly into the holes where you will combine them with soil.

4. Plant the memorial tree: Follow the instructions provided by the cemetery for planting the memorial tree. This will usually involve digging a hole, placing the sapling, filling it with soil and treated ash and watering. The Mornington Green Legacy Garden team will assist with all the processes to ensure a healthy grown tree.

5. Personalize the Memorial Tree: After planting, you may wish to do more to personalize your Memorial Tree. Add a plaque, memorial stones or other appropriate and special ideas. 

6. Hold a memorial ceremony: Consider organizing a small ceremony to commemorate the planting. Invite family and friends to share memories, read special messages or simply spend time reflecting together. Mornington Green Legacy Garden often hosts open days and events that provide an opportunity to gather and share memories.

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Types Of Trees To Plant Pink Crepe Myrtle Tree Mornington Green Legacy Gardens


E. The Secret Life of Trees

Understanding the vast influence of trees could make planting a tree as a memorial more meaningful. As living beings, trees interact with the immediate to the most distant environments in the most complex ways. Tree roots are small highways of networking, lanes for transport, sharing between plants, exchanging specializations in the system. With the planting of your memorial tree, you may feel part of this system, for the memory of your cherished one lives on in a thriving natural environment.

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Planting a memorial tree in Mornington Green Legacy Garden is a beautiful and meaningful way to honor the memory of a loved one in Melbourne, Australia. It remains a living tribute, a symbol of growth, renewal and the continuation of life. It is also a space for reflection, remembrance and healing. 

What To Do With Human Ashes Mornington Green Legacy Gardens

At Mornington Green we offer you the service of planting a tree in a garden with the cremated ashes of the deceased. This provides a lasting legacy for your family and friends to visit and cherish, while helping to regenerate life and offset the carbon footprint of the deceased. Our protected garden offers a more personal and natural alternative to traditional funeral practices, with no hidden fees or ongoing costs for your family.

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