Turn Ashes Into A Tree

Turn Ashes into a Tree: An Eco-Friendly Alternative To Traditional Burials

In recent years, more and more people have chosen to turn ashes Into A Tree. This unique and heartfelt way of remembering a loved one is becoming increasingly popular in Melbourne, and why wouldn’t you?

In this article, we will discuss common questions regarding how to turn ashes into a tree in Melbourne, let’s start from the basics:

Scattering Ashes in Melbourne, Do Tree Planting Instead
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What to do with cremains in Melbourne? You can make a living memory tree by treating and implanting them in soil! A beautiful way to memorialize your loved one and its name. Their lives will go on throughout the stunning Melbourne landscape. It also gives you a feeling of safety and peace. However, remember that untreated cremains can be toxic to your local ecosystem. Untreated cremains have too much salt and are highly alkaline, meaning they would adversely impact the biodiversity of an area if mixed directly with soil. Research shows that cremation ashes can be more detrimental to the soil and plant health than cigarette butts! – so it’s really important to be aware of this!

Or maybe you are asking 

What to do with cremation ashes in Melbourne? Curious about what to do with cremation ashes in Melbourne? how about making it become a tree! It not only allows for you to keep your loved one closer to heart in a more beneficial sense than the standard urn, but also lessens the amount of cremains that is spread or buried in Melbourne’s cemeteries. But it is important that the ashes be treated before planting to be certain that they will be beneficial to the tree and not hurtful to the soil around them.

So, What is tree planting using cremations in Melbourne? Cremation tree planting is planting a tree using cremations by incorporating the cremated ashes after going through the appropriate treatment within the soil as well as planting a tree in that mixture. The ashes are then used to fertilize the tree, providing new life in Melbourne to forever remember your loved one. Then the ashes are actually detoxified and turned into plant foods and nutrients by an organic Living Legacy Formula which uses microbiology to convert ashes to useful matter for plants to grow on.

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But maybe you are not interested yet to turn ashes into a tree in Melbourne, so you just want to do:

Scattering ashes in Melbourne (careful, it’s harmful and often illegal)

Scattering ashes is a popular way to remember a loved one, but it’s important to note that directly scattering ashes is bad for Melbourne’s environment and often illegal. 

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Throwing untreated cremation ashes in Melbourne’s parks, beaches or waterways is bad for the ecosystem and disrupts the delicate ecosystem. This is a great example of how CO2 levels can impact the environment. But the insidiousness of cremation ashes is not so obvious. They’re actually more damaging to soil and plant health than cigarette butts thanks to their high salt content and alkalinity. Converting these remains back into a tree is a far more environmentally friendly and lasting alternative within Melbourne. It also provides a permanent living and breathing memorial for you to visit and interact with.

So, let’s turn your loved ones into trees, don’t just scatter them!

Memorial Tree Mornington Green

Why do more people choose to turn ashes into a tree?

More and more people in Melbourne are deciding to give life to ashes by turning them into trees. One, of course, being that it offers a rare and valuable means of commemorating a loved one. Memorial Trees give comfort and peace into the future as the tree is planted in one of Melbourne’s parks and gardens where it will flourish and grow. It means being transformed and reborn – it means that while your loved one is dead his or her truest form will spring up in Melbourne, to feed new life, in new guise, capturing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. The tree could be one that flowers on a meaningful date (like a birthday or Mother’s Day), meaning the tree would be a seasonal operational focus for remembrance and celebration of life in Melbourne.

At Mornington Green we offer you the service of planting a tree in a garden with the cremated ashes of the deceased. This provides a lasting legacy for your family and friends to visit and cherish, while helping to regenerate life and offset the carbon footprint of the deceased. Our protected garden offers a more personal and natural alternative to traditional funeral practices, with no hidden fees or ongoing costs for your family.

Changing ashes into a tree, an eco-friendly memorial that honors your lost one while contributing to the planet's health.

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