What to do with cremated ashes in Australia

What To Do With Cremated Ashes In Australia?

We all know that losing someone we love is one of the hardest things we have to face in life – it’s never easy! But there are ways you can make it a little more bearable for yourself. More and more people in Australia are choosing to do something different with their loved one’s ashes, not the traditional burials and scattering ashes that are also harmful for the environment. If you’re looking for something a bit different to do with cremated ashes, you could treat your ashes and turn them into a living memorial tree – an eco-friendly idea that’s becoming more and more popular!

The Environmental Concerns of Scattering Ashes: 

Scattering ashes may seem like a natural and eco-friendly option, but it can have negative environmental impacts to Australia. Cremated remains contain high pH levels and sodium content, which can harm plant life and water sources when scattered in large quantities. 

Untreated Cremated human ash is actually harmful to the earth

Human ashes after cremation are actually very different to wood ash. In fact untreated human ash has the same pH levels as bleach or oven cleaner which is 12/14 and almost 1 million times too high for plant health.

Learn environmental risk of untreated human ashes with Mornington Green Legacy Gardens

Scattering untreated ashes in nature is proven to cause harm to plants. One independent study showed a 90% death rate to seedlings planting in untreated ashes within 21 days. Another study showed cigarette butts decreased plant growth by just 30%. So if you wouldn’t scatter 3kg of untreated ashes in nature because you wouldn’t want to do harm then you wouldn’t want to scatter ashes in the same way.

Internet gimmicks like biodegradable urns are no better if not worse than scattering untreated ashes as the concentrate the toxicity into a smaller area. While the container biodegrades the ashes are still toxic without treatment and harm plant growth. Really, they are no different to putting your ashes in a Weetbix box.

While ashes are rich in phosphates, calcium, potassium, and sodium, the levels are not in the balance required by plants for healthy growth. In fact, cremation ashes contain very high levels of sodium, from 200-2000 times higher than plants can tolerate. This potentially causes detrimental effects on the environment.

The pH imbalance of human ash is a major problem for the earth’s soil and plants. The high levels of calcium will affect the plants ability to control water and for photosynthesis which results in browning, scorching and spotting of plant leaves. 

Creating art using cremated ash from Mermaid Trash

Memorial art by Mermaid Ash

Cremated Remain Ideas: 

There are many ideas for cremated remains including keeping them in an urn, incorporating them into jewelry, or creating art. However, these choices may not provide the same level of emotional comfort, environmental sustainability, or memorialization as turning ashes into trees.

Memorial tree planting with Mornington Green Legacy Gardens

Why Choose Turning Ashes into Trees? 

Turning cremated ashes into living legacy trees is a personal and meaningful way to honor your loved one while promoting environmental sustainability. This process allows your loved one to become an integral part of nature’s ecosystem, fostering new life and creating a lasting legacy. Tour Mornington Green Legacy Gardens Now!

Benefits Of Memorial Tree Planting Mornington Green Legacy Gardens

Benefits of Memorial Tree or Living Legacy Tree:

  1. Environmental Sustainability: Trees absorb carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, and provide habitats for wildlife, making them a vital component of a healthy ecosystem. Read more here!
  2. Emotional Healing: A living legacy tree serves as a tangible and comforting connection to your loved one, offering solace and a sense of closure for grieving families.
  3. Legacy and Memorialization: As a tree grows and flourishes over time, it creates a lasting memorial that honors your loved one and provides a sense of continuity and enduring love.

How To Turn Cremated Ashes Into A Living Legacy Tree:

  1. Detoxification: The cremains are treated using special formulas such as the Living Legacy Formula to neutralize their pH levels and remove harmful substances, making them safe for the environment and beneficial for tree growth.
  2. Tree Selection: Choose a tree species that is suitable for the local climate and environment, and one that holds personal significance to your loved one. Learn trees to plant here!
  3. Planting: The detoxified cremains are mixed with soil and planted beneath the tree, providing essential nutrients that promote growth and establish a profound connection between the tree and your family.
  4. Care and Maintenance: Regular watering, pruning, and care ensure the tree’s health and longevity, allowing the living legacy to endure and flourish. 

At Mornington Green Legacy Gardens your living legacy tree will be fully protected and maintained. Learn more on how this works!

Benefits Of Memorial Tree Planting

Other Cremated Ash Options in Australia: 

While turning ashes into trees is a unique and eco-friendly option, it may not be suitable for everyone. Other cremated ash options include turning ashes into a beautiful flower garden or keeping ashes into beautiful personal jewelry.

Infusing your loved ones cremated ashes beneath the flower garden helps the flowers bloom and provides a tranquil place for reflection. The flower garden becomes a beautiful place to reflect and remember a life well lived. Also, flower gardens are a fraction of the cost of a traditional burial whilst creating a place of beauty to come and connect with loved ones. This process continues the circle of life as your loved one passes and new life is born.

Learn more about turning cremated ashes into flower garden here!

Tree planting is the best thing to do with cremated ash

Why Tree Planting is the Best Thing to do with Cremated Ash: 

What could be a more wonderful way to celebrate a loved one’s life than by turning their remains into a living tree that grows and connects with nature? There are so many beautiful ways to remember them! The treated remains of your loved one provides new life and become an enduring tribute and helps us to nurture our amazing planet! This can also be proof that life is love and that love never dies!

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This article looks at a new way of dealing with cremated ashes in Australia. Scattering ashes can harm the environment. So we suggest a process that cleans ashes and puts them back into soil to help trees grow. This helps the environment, gives families comfort and creates a unique, growing memorial.

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